About Me

My name is Liz, and I love to play Lizin my kitchen. I grew up in a family that made everything from scratch (my mom won’t even clip a recipe that calls for a boxed mix or other “short cut”) and cooked a lot out of our garden (especially in the summer, when our daily vegetable was decided by what was just picked or needing to be picked). I don’t necessarily live up to that all the time, but I still prefer to cook and bake from scratch. Among my friends and community, I am most known for my baking – I do love finding new favorite sweets recipes, and sharing them.

Friends have told me for a while now that I needed a blog, and I had always brushed it off. Especially when I’ve been so busy (friends of mine are emphatically nodding while reading this!) it seemed to not be the smartest thing. And while I would periodically make something that I would have loved to share, it didn’t seem right. And then I created my honey cake truffles, and decided that was that, I had to get the recipe out there, because they were too good not to share. So, my friends and I discussed blog names and I finally settled on one and set it up – and it still took me a couple of busy weeks before I could actually get it off the ground. Crazy, crazy life.

That being said, much of my craziness is due to the baking I do for my synagogue. I volunteer in our kitchens, and primarily do the “fancy” desserts that our cook doesn’t do. And since the kitchen is big and shiny, and filled with commercial appliances, it has become one of my favorite places to play around with new recipes. Plus, I have a congregation of people who will give me feedback on everything!